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What is Gamma Alumina Powder and Its Application?

Gamma Alumina Powder can be made either into the microporous spherical structure or honeycomb structure of catalytic materials. These structures have been proven perfect as catalyst carriers. It is generally employed as an analytical reagent.

The applications of Gamma Alumina Powder are as follow:

It is used in making cosmetic filler.
It has transparent ceramics the helps building high-pressure sodium lamps and EP-ROM window.
It is used in the manufacturing of single crystal, ruby, sapphire, and yttrium aluminium garnet.
It is applied for making durable aluminum oxide ceramic, packaging materials, cutting tools, winding axle, furnace tubes, high purity crucible, and bombarding the target.
It is employed in the making of polishing materials, semiconductor materials, tape, plastic, glass products, metal products, and grinding belt.
It has also been useful in making rubber, paint, advanced waterproof material.
It is put into use for making vapor deposition materials, special glass, composite materials, and resins.

Where can I buy Gamma Alumina Powder online at reasonable prices?

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