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Buy Cannabis AKB-48 online.online.APINACA (AKB48, N-(1-adamantyl)-1-pentyl-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide) is a drug that acts as a reasonably potent agonist for the cannabinoid receptors,[1] with a Ki of 304.5nM and an EC50 of 585nM at CB1.[citation needed] It had never previously been reported in the scientific or patent literature, and was first identified by laboratories in Japan in March 2012 as an ingredient in synthetic cannabis smoking blends, along with a related compound APICA.[2] Structurally, it closely resembles cannabinoid compounds from a University of Connecticut patent (WO 2003/035005),[3] but with a simple pentyl chain on the indazole 1-position, and APINACA falls within the claims of this patent despite not being disclosed as an example.

AKB-48 are a Japanese idol girl group formed in 2005. as of July 28, 2019 the group consists of 102 members, divided among several teams: Team A with 23 members, Team K with 23 members, Team B with 23 members, and Team 4 with 28 members, Team 8 with 38 members, the last of which have 33 members serving concurrently with other AKB48 teams. There are Kenkyusei members, 13 of whom serve on specific teams as understudies, and three of whom were recruited as a group of general understudies.[1]

Each of the teams has its own theme:[2] according to member Misaki Iwasa, Team A represents freedom, Team K has a strong and powerful image, Team B is very idol-like with cutesy costumes, and Team 4 represents “the future of AKB48”.[2] The member lineup often changes as when girls get older, they “graduate” from the group, and are replaced by members promoted from the trainees. Monica Hesse of The Washington Post describes the AKB48 audition process as “rolling American Idol-esque.

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